Mother Leda's Cupboard is Bare

Dozens of Leda fans are asking when they can buy their favorite sketchbook again.Christmas sales wiped us out. Demand was double what we planned for. We also ran out in Europe. 


All sketchbooks are back in stock and ready for your creativity endeavors! 






We rushed some medium books to Amazon but those quickly sold. 

A large order of medium books are being trucked to Amazon right now. 
Any day now the 5.5 x 8.25 inch book will be live again.
Other sizes will not be in until the end of February.

Next year we will make sure there are plenty of books ready for the holidays.

WAIT! We do have Leda Mechanical Pencil Set for sale.
NEW: Check out the Leda Mechanical Colored Pencil Set and our new Lead Refill Pack.