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GJ Gillespie  

        Award winning Award winning collage artist, GJ Gillespie's art has appeared in five publications and 36 regional shows in the Northwest.  

In 2015 he founded Leda Art Supply in a quest to find the ideal travel sketchbook. "Nothing on the market appealed to me. So I designed the kind of art journal I was looking for and created my own private label brand," he says. 

Gillespie's roots in Washington State go back to pioneer great grandparents. The son of a Boeing manager, GJ Gillespie grew up under the wet skies and surrounded by the natural beauty of the northwest.

Now living in the midst of the computer industry on the east side of Seattle, he is exposed to the creative trends of the world's most innovative minds. His art is a response to this rich social and spiritual environment. 

In the last few years GJ Gillespie has produced a body of more than 400 art works. His art is displayed on his web page and blog, Pinterest as well as at various shows and business venues. Contact here. 

Monterey Cypress by GJ GillespieMonterey Cypress by GJ Gillespie
After Bischoff by GJ Gillespie
After Bischoff by GJ Gillespie

Suncadia Lake by GJ Gillespie
Lake Suncadia by GJ Gillespie

Forever Young by GJ Gillespie

Shelter From the Storm by GJ Gillespie

If Not For You by GJ Gillespie

Good Vibrations by GJ GillespieGood Vibrations by GJ Gillespie

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