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This 34 piece set in nylon travel case is packed with art making goodies.
Includes a Leda Pocket sketchbook.

Mother Leda wanted to put every sketch tool you need in one handy case.

You get lead and charcoal pencils, lead and charcoal sticks, kneaded and rubber erasers, 2 sharpeners, double tipped pencil extender, 3 blenders, sandpaper block, an Exacto-like art knife and a pocket sketchbook. 

WOOD PENCILS GALOR: sample nearly every grade of pencil leads -->

8B, 6B, 5B, 4B, 3B, 2B, B, HB, 2H, 3H, 4H, and 5H. 

THREE CHARCOAL PENCILS: try the intense black of charcoal on your paper for boldness, contrast and depth. 
ONE SOLID GRAPHITE ROD: enough to gray out a whole page with this thick and soft 6B lead art rod. 
THREE CHARCOAL STICKS: with soft, medium and hard lead. Perfect for for making variations of tones for complex images.

KNEADED AND RUBBER ERASERS: you choose your favorite kind of eraser.
Kneaded for erasing charcoal, rubber for graphite. 

DOUBLE TIPED PENCIL EXTENDER: don't waste the last inches of a pencil sharpened down to the nub. Simply insert the little guy into the extender and keep on keep making art. 

ONE LEDA POCKET SKETCHBOOK: 160 pages of 81 pound fine art paper. 5.5 x 3.5 inches fits in your pocket for sketching anywhere.  

NYLON TRAVEL CASE: keep your sketching gear zipped up in this 8 x 10 inch handy nylon case for art making on the go. 

MORE GOODIES: you also get 2 pencil sharpeners, Exactro-like cutting knife, sandpaper file, and 3 sizes of blenders. This professional set is packed with sketching tools fit for the gods! 

Gift Box: All tucked inside an impressive glossy black box to make your gift special. 

LEDA CARES: a portion of your purchase is donated to Art With Heart, a community charity that using the healing power of creativity to help children and teens facing hardships. Let your art habit do some good. 

NICE GIFT: if you want to delight the creative people in your life, give them Leda's 34-piece ULTIMATE DRAWING SET. Then watch them make their next masterpiece. 

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