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About Us

Our Mission: To help artists make the world a more beautiful place.

Leda Art Supply is a private label art supply company founded by a college professor and artist searching for a better sketchbook. 

For decades, GJ Gillespie and his wife Teresa enjoyed traveling the world making sketches of sights and people they encountered. After creating hundreds of sketchbooks filled with drawings with water color wash, they became sketching aficionados. 

They discovered that one of the best ways to enhance a vacation is to take up sketching. Sketching causes travelers to slow down, look carefully at the scenes and notice features in the landscape that might otherwise be missed. When a sketchbook is filled, it becomes a lasting memento of a trip.

"Personally hand-made drawings are better than photographs or post cards and bring back lasting travel memories", says long-time artist, attorney, and university business school Dean Teresa Gillespie, a partner in the new sketchbook business.  

GJ Gillespie founded Leda Art Supplies to meet the needs of artists like him seeking the ideal artist travel journal. The size and paper quality had to be right. After weeks devoted to researching stationary suppliers, he found the best manufacturers to produce his dream sketchbook. 

The Leda Odyssey was born. 

It offers 160 pages of light beige-colored, high quality paper designed for pencil, ink, pen, pastel and charcoal. It also takes a light watercolor wash well. We think it is the ideal sketch pad to express your creative inspirations.  

Realizing that shopping for art material is time spent away from creating art, Leda ships your art paper to your front door in a few days. 

Since the company was launched in July, 2015 the sketchbook rocketed to page one of both Amazon and Google. The flagship sketchbook earned a 88 percent five star rating among Amazon customers. 

Our Team 
GJ Gillespie, Creative Director
Kyle Hamar, Owner

About the Leda Myth   

Long ago the Greek god Jupiter fell in love with a mortal woman named Leda. Since he knew that his divine form would overwhelm Leda, he became a swan to woo her.

Their divine union produced a child, Helen of Troy, who became known as the most beautiful woman in the world. The baby girl was born out of an egg. 

The Leda myth confirms the truth that the pursuit of passion by the artist produces creations of elegant beauty. Similarly Leda Art Supply was born to help art enthusiasts express their aesthetic inspiration, making the world a more beautiful place.  

Go ahead. Express yourself! 

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