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15 Self-Quarantine Art Prompts

15 Self-Quarantine Art Prompts

Lake Washington and Mt Olympus
WE LIVE in Kirkland, WA -- a beautiful community on the shores of Lake Washington that is surrounded by views of mountain ranges.

On clear days to the north we see Mt. Baker. To the east the Cascade range. To the south Mt Rainier and to the west across the lake Mt. Olympus (shown). 

Kirkland just got famous as the epicenter of the coronavirus epidemic for the US after residence at a nursing home here became the first cases.

You know the rest. 

Schools, churches, gyms, cafes, restaurants and coffee shops are shuttered in an attempt to stem the outbreak. Businesses and educators are getting used to Zoom meetings.

Our governor forbids any gathering of more that 50 people and says that everyone over the age of 60 should stay inside.

This anti virus routine could last for a couple months.

But as they say: Never let a crisis go to waste. Now you have time for art! 

That’s what I’ve done these last weeks, posting a new collage or sketch almost every day on my social media. 

Here are suggestions to get your art projects cracking. 


Materials: A sketchbook or art paper. Ballpoint or ink pen, pencil, colored pencils, watercolor, acrylic paint, colored tissue, glue stick, collage papers, scissors and paintbrushes. 

  1. RINSE AND REPEAT: Pick one subject (a familiar landscape, tree, flower or plant, person, car, sport, building or animal) and sketch it in an entirely different way every day until the quarantine is over.

  2. CUBIST COLLAGE: Make a collage of news articles or illustrations in newspapers or magazines about the coronocirus epidemic. Base your composition on any cubist painting that you find in a Google search.

  3. PICASSO OCD: Make 4 copies of Las Meninas by Velazquez, each with its own design or materials. Picasso made 58 studies of this painting. You only have to make 4.

  4. POP GOES THE SKETCHBOOK: Copy an Andy Warhol artwork. Use pen and colored pencils and add a watercolor wash. Search Warhol on Google images and pick one that you like -- or hate -- the most.

  5. COFFEE ANYONE? Search “photographic portrait” and select an image to render using pencil, pen and ink then color it with coffee, colored pencil or watercolor. See example here. 

  6. THAT'S A STRETCH: Make a stretched portrait of a favorite celebrity.
    To add interest follow these tips: 1. Take a screen shot of the celebrity’s image. 2. Go to Tools at the top of your screen. Choose reverse horizontal and flip it in the opposite direction. 3. Paste the reversed image in a Word Document. Then select the top of the line and stretch the image vertically so it is elongated. That way your drawing will be unique. See example of my sketch of Kurt Cobain here.

  7. HORSE OF A DIFFERENT COLOR: Pick a color that you normally avoid and use it in excess.

  8. IMPOSSIBLE DREAM: Illustrate a cause or belief that you are passionate about.

  9. LONG GRAY LINE: Try continuous line drawing. Select a subject and draw it without lifting your pen or pencil from the paper.

  10. TONE SENSITIVITY: Cut out images from a magazine then combine those images by tone to create a new collaged image.

  11. ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE: Make a sketch based on what the Art Prompt Generator gives you.

  12. WIN ART SUPPLIES: Enter our Leda Art Supply Easter Art Challenge for a chance to win a $70 Leda's Dream art kit or other prizes. 
    1. Join Private Facebook Leda VIP Group
    2. Post a Photo your Easter Themed Art Piece
    3. Use the hashtag #Easter2020
  13. ABSTRACTION PROCESS: Illustrate an object in detail, then illustrate it two more times, making it more abstract each time. See Picasso example. 

  14. RECYCLE: Make photocopies of some of your sketches or art works. Then cut them up and combine them to create a new collaged work.

  15. THERAPY: Create a drawing that expresses how you feel about the coronavirus outbreak. 

    STUCK INSIDE? Look on the bright side. Now you have time for art!  
    Start sketching now. 

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