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The Leda Atlas Journal's Innovative Approach to Sketching

By GJ Gillespie, Artist and Founder of Leda Art Supply

Discover a new realm of creative possibilities with the Leda Atlas Journal, our latest innovation in sketchbooks. Specifically designed for artists who revel in the freedom to explore, the Atlas Journal's unique square format opens up a world of symmetry, balance, and focus. This isn't just a sketchbook - it's an invitation to see and capture your surroundings in a whole new light.

Versatility: The Atlas Journal's square shape is perfect for any drawing style or subject. From portraits to landscapes, abstracts to realism, this sketchbook can accommodate it all. It's truly a playground for artists.

Symmetry and Balance: With its equal sides, the Atlas Journal naturally provides balance, creating an aesthetically pleasing ground for your sketches. This can be especially beneficial when creating minimalist or geometric artwork.

Focus: The square format of the Atlas Journal tends to draw the artist's eye towards the center of the page. This can help to create a strong focal point and enhance the visual impact of your sketches.

Easy to Carry and Display: The Atlas Journal fits easily into a variety of bags, making it perfect for on-the-go sketching. Plus, its square pages are ideal for displaying your art in a unique way, whether you're showing off your work in a portfolio or digitally.

Modern Appeal: With a square sketchbook like the Atlas Journal, your artwork will carry a modern, contemporary feel. It's a fresh and up-to-date touch for any artist's collection.

Ideal for Proportional Visualizations and Landscape Spreads: The square shape lends itself perfectly to gridded studies, proportional visualizations, as well expansive landscape drawings.

Premium Features: The Atlas Journal isn't just about its shape. Its size, soft and smooth Leda paper, textured cover, back pocket and elastic strap make it a worthy addition to any artist's collection.

As artist Will Harmuth has found with his square canvases, a square sketchbook can focus the artist on the most critical parts of the subject matter.

The Leda Atlas Journal is more than just a sketchbook. It's a tool that encourages you to delve deeper into your art, to focus on the essential elements of your subject matter, and to create with balance and symmetry. With its premium features and unique square shape, the Atlas Journal is the perfect companion for any artist seeking to elevate their sketching experience. Try the Atlas Journal today and redefine the boundaries of your creativity.


"Why It's Hip to Be Square: Surface Secrets of Will Harmuth." Artists Network. 

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