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Featured Image: Carousel of Time (Portrait of Joni Mitchell by GJ Gillespie.

As a collage artist I've produced 900 images over the years. With more than 50 shows and publications under my belt, I am constantly looking for new art ideas. I like to study the techniques of famous artists in art history and use them as inspiration for my own work. My Pinterest page helps organize the kind of art that I like (check our my Pinterest page below).  I also enjoy experimenting with different mediums and materials to spark inspiration.

Something in the Way by GJ Gillespie

I keep a sketchbook where I can jot down thoughts or musings that come to me throughout the day, and I also get ideas from everyday life by taking photographs or making quick sketches of things that catch my eye while out and about. As they say "Notice what you notice." Collaborating with other artists and attending workshops, classes, or events also helps me broaden my perspective and gain new inspiration.


To sum up, here are five tips you can use to come up with smashing art ideas:

  1. Look to art history - study famous artists and their techniques, use them as inspiration for your own work. Try creating your own Pinterest page to save in art works that you admire.
  2. Experiment with different mediums and materials to spark new ideas.
  3. Keep a sketchbook or journal where you can jot down any thoughts or inspiration that come to you throughout the day.
  4. Take inspiration from everyday life by making quick sketches -- or taking photographs -- of objects or events that captivate you throughout the day.
  5. Collaborate with other artists or attend workshops, classes, or events to broaden your perspective and gain new inspiration. 

By consistently incorporating these practices into your artistic process, you will never run out of creative inspiration.

Side Bar: My Pinterest Page

Forever Young by GJ Gillespie.


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