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Leda Art Supply Mechanical Pencil Set

Leda Art Supply Mechanical Pencil Set

Leda Art Supply Mechanical Pencil Set

by Stephanas Pizelo



Leda Art Supply has released their first mechanical pencil product late last year, with shaveable lead bolts in each package, created for art on the go. Leda Art Supply is an art supply company based out of Kirkland, Washington. Founded in 2015 to provide Amazon customers with the best art supplies to their doorstep. Mechanical pencils bring a new aspect to pencil shading like never seen before, with exact lead angles that touch the paper with the technical precision you look for.


“Other pencils are for note taking but Leda focuses on meeting the needs of artists.” said Gary Gillespie, a retired professor of communication at Northwest University and founder of Leda Art Supply. With a focus on designing the perfect artisan supplies that will get more advanced along with the artist, Gillespie said his company chooses materials that are both long lasting and comfortable.


Finding the exact angle of the pencil has become even easier with Leda Art Supply’s mechanical 5B lead pencil set. Earning its rightful place in any art supply kit, this mechanical pencil set is perfect for art in any surrounding. This pencil will always give you the same angle time and again.


The Leda Art Supply 5B lead mechanical pencil has a bit of weight to it and will become one with your hand. With the ability to adjust the added 0.7mm thick lead to the exact precision that you want, this mechanical pencil won’t disappoint even the most advanced artist. 


Gillespie is glad with the results of the pencil so far, with both the product and how the artistic community is responding to it. He included the kit in his own art bag.


“People are responding well to the pencil. Only positive reviews so far.”


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