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GJ Gillespie artist
GJ Gillespie founded Leda Art Supply 7 years ago to fulfill his desire for a better sketchbook. Now 100,000 books later the company ranks among the top sketchbook suppliers in the world. 

Gillespie is a collage artist living on Whidbey Island north of Seattle. Winner of 18 awards, his art has appeared in 53 shows and numerous publications. 

Since May 2021 alone editors of 10 different literary journals choose his art to be paired with poems and stories.

Three publications picked his art for covers.  

More below. 

Two Divided by Love by GJ Gillespie

Wild Roof Literary Journal to publish "Two Divided by Love" in September 2021 issue. ______________________
Invisible Men by GJ Gillespie. 

"Invisible Men" wins SPECIAL RECOGNITION AWARD in the Light, Space and Time online gallery summer 2021 exhibition. This piece also won a Northwest Collage Society Award in 2018. 

Ghost Rider by GJ Gillespie. 
"Ghost Rider" chosen for cover art of Sunspot Literary Journal, Issue 2. See it now.
"Fool If You Think It's Over" Chosen for Cover of Inaugural issue of Literary Journal Kithe.
"The Punishment of Prometheus" chosen as featured artwork for June edition of Prometheus Dreaming journal.
MORE about the piece. ____________________________________________________
"Something In the Way" chosen for cover for issue 7 of Literary Journal Hey, I'm Alive. This collage was previously published by Envision Arts Magazine in April 2019. It has appeared in several shows in the Seattle area and is scheduled for a show in an Oak Harbor, WA in September.  _____________________________________________

Midnight Confessions by GJ Gillespie.
OxMag -- other wise known as Oxford Magazine: a Midwestern Journal of Literature and Art -- publishes "Midnight Confessions".
Featured Artist for Literary Journal Mud City Review.

Love Buzz by GJ Gillespie

Five pieces. 
1. Angel of the Morning.
2. Love Buzz.
3. Forever Young.
4. Uncle Albert.
5. Rocking Pneumonia & the Boogie Woogie Flu.

Where is My Mind by GJ Gillespie
Meat for Tea: The Valley Review, a literary journal from New England, publishes "Where is My Mind" in June issue.
Life Could be a Dream by GJ Gillespie
Button Eye Review, a literary journal, to publish "Life Could be a Dream."

I Can Only Imagine by GJ Gillespie.
Montana Mouthful, a literary journal, publishes "I Can Only Imagine". See it and another piece on page 13 and 43. 

Colors of the Night by GJ Gillespie.

Literary journal 3Elements Review publishes "Colors of the Night." See page 31. _____________________________________________
My self portrait "Will You Still Need Me" won an award for the Grey Cube Gallery March 2020 contest.
Never Comes the Day

"Never Comes the Day" in The Tempered Ruin Press quarterly Bluing the Blade --Volume 1, Number 1 -- December 2020


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