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🎨 New WaterColor Pads Just Released! 🤩


Leda in Japan

Great News! Japanese people who love to draw can now sample Leda's small, medium and large sketch books as well as our popular mechanical pencils.

Go to to order and received your books in days. 

In December Andres, an Amazon manager for Japan in Seattle, contacted us about launching in Asia. He said that the company determined that our art supplies would be the perfect addition to Amazon's growing presence in Japan. 

We had a lunch meeting with Andres in Seattle and after a lot of calls and emails agreed to make it happen. 

Jeff Bezos even paid for the translation and related fees. He will help promote the books too. 

Amazon warehouses in Japan are fully stocked and the robots are ready to ship at a moments notice.

Imagine how much fun you will have making art in these premium books. 

Leda is excited to see her brood of fans grow.


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