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What We Love About Leda's Sketchbooks!

Do you like to sketch? Maybe you're an artist, hobbyist, or urban sketcher. Or maybe you're a fashion designer, architect, or student. No matter what your background or skill level is, I think you'll find something useful in this blog post. I'm going to share some testimonies from people who have used the Leda sketchbook. But first, let me tell you a little bit about the book itself.

You get 160 pages of fine art paper that is smooth with a slight tooth. Veritaile for a variety of mediums. It comes with a back pocket and elastic strap to hold pages together. The durable stitched binding is wrapped in nicely textured  cover that is a delight to hold in your hand.

Here are some examples of people who have absolutely fallen in love with Lady Leda.


Christian Diaz-Tovar is a 19 year of drawing enthusiast who made a video testimony in praise of Leda. He said it was the perfect notebook for all kinds of drawing.


Art blogger Jazza recommends the Leda sketchbook for anyone starting out in art. Leda's soft and dense  paper can handle any medium, Jazza selected the art journal for his starter package.


Larry Calkins is a professional artist who uses Leda for his ink and collage work. He says it's the perfect notebook for all kinds of dry and wet medium and recommends it to students who take his popular sketchbook courses.


Alice Dean Hendon is a marker artist who loves the bright, vibrant colors she can get with Leda. She says it's her go-to sketchbook for all her colorful designs.


Sandy Ramirez is an photographer and illustrator who likes the extra large size of Leda. He says it's perfect for his detailed illustrations and image transfers. See what Sandy has to say here...


Jeff Wahl is a wilderness guide who takes the Leda pocket book on all his trips. He says it's lightweight and durable, perfect for sketching in any kind of weather.


Angel Velasquez is a cartoonist who loves the Leda sketchbook for its wide variety of pages. He says it's perfect for his needs as a cartoonist and illustrator.


Terri Hardin Jackson is a Disney "Imagineer" designer who uses Leda for her sketches and illustrations. She says it's the perfect notebook for her needs as a Disney designer.


Artist Jacob Daley raves about the Leda for his Daley Dots blog posts and on his Tik Tok page. He says that he searched all schedules on the market and prefers Leda over Moleskine.


If you're looking for a great sketchbook to start out your art journey, Jazza recommends the Leda sketchbook. With its soft and dense paper, it can handle any medium - from pencils and charcoal to inks and collage. Professional artists like Larry Calkins and Alice Dean Hendon rave about how versatile Leda is for all kinds of media, and Sandy Ramirez loves the large size for detailed illustrations. Jeff Wahl says it's perfect for his scientific work as a wilderness guide. So what are you waiting for? Join Leda's brood of fans today!

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