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New York Magazine Rates Leda Best Sketchbook

In an article reviewing a host of notebooks and art pads, The New York Magazine rated Leda best sketchbook for artists! 

“After purchasing both the three-by-five-inch and five-by-eight-inch versions of this sketchbook, I am completely, utterly, and resolutely sold on this sketchbook. These are easily the finest sketchbooks I have ever had the good fortune to use — far beyond anything Moleskine, Leuchtturm, or Rhodia has to offer. The quality is impeccable, the price unbeatable, the craftsmanship superb. Once my next paycheck comes in, I’m ordering ten more of these. I absolutely cannot lavish Leda with enough praise. After spending almost a decade trying to find the perfect sketchbook, I have, at last, succeeded. Thank you, Leda.”

Read more at the New York Magazine. 

Leda is best sketchbook according to New York Times Magazine.

Read more at the New York Magazine. 


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