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Renaissance of Creative Expression: Leda Art Supply's Hot Pressed Watercolor Pads

Renaissance of Creative Expression: Leda Art Supply's Hot Pressed Watercolor Pads

By GJ Gillespie, artist and founder of Leda Art Supply.

When it comes to creating stunning watercolor art, the paper you choose is just as important as the colors on your palette. As the famous Italian artist Leonardo da Vinci once said, "Art is never finished, only abandoned." And while inspiration can strike at any moment, finding the perfect canvas to bring your vision to life can often be a challenge. This is where Leda Art Supply steps in.

Leda Art Supply, named after Leda of Greek mythology and echoing the rich artistic heritage of ancient Greece, offers premium hot pressed watercolor paper pads that are designed to inspire your creativity and elevate your artwork to new heights.

Our Hot Pressed Watercolor Pads are sourced straight from Italy, home to some of the world’s most renowned artists and a country deeply rooted in the history of art. Manufactured by Fabriano, known for its high-quality papers since the 13th century, our paper pads offer unmatched quality and performance.

The importance of professional-quality paper cannot be understated. As noted by a seasoned art instructor, "Paper is the foundation of your artwork. The right surface can make all the difference between a good piece and a masterpiece." Our paper pads offer this very foundation, providing a smooth and durable surface that's ideal for capturing intricate details and vivid colors.

We offer two sizes, A4 (11.5 inch)  and the newly released jumbo-sized A3 (16.5 inch), each pad containing 24 sheets of 300 gram/140 pound, 25% cotton paper. This paper is acid-free, ensuring your artwork will stand the test of time without fading or yellowing. Furthermore, it adheres to strict European environmental standards, making it not only good for your art but also for the planet.

Smooth paper for vivid renderings. 

While our paper pads are perfect for watercolor, they're also versatile enough for other mediums like gouache, acrylic, and ink. This flexibility allows artists to experiment and push their creative boundaries, without being restricted by the medium they choose.

The hot pressed paper is less absorbent with a matte finish, allowing for faster drying times and making it perfect for detailed renderings. Many artists prefer hot pressed paper for its smooth surface that enables precise lines and vivid colors. In contrast, cold pressed paper, while also popular, has a slightly textured surface that's more absorbent and lends itself well to loose, expressive work.

In essence, our hot pressed pads cater to the varied needs of artists, whether you're a professional painter or a hobbyist. They are designed to inspire, fuel creativity, and bring your artistic vision to life. As the legendary Italian artist Michelangelo once said, "The greater danger for most of us lies not in setting our aim too high and falling short; but in setting our aim too low, and achieving our mark." With Leda's Hot Pressed Watercolor Pads, there's no limit to what you can achieve.

Check out our 30 second video showcasing the jumbo A3 pad and see for yourself why our hot pressed pad is our most popular product.

Join us at Leda Art Supply in making the world a more beautiful place, one stroke at a time. Grab your Hot Pressed Watercolor Pad today and start creating your next masterpiece.

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