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Searching for the best sketchbook?

Searching for the best sketchbook?

Ever wonder what art experts recommend when looking for sketchbooks?

I was feeling curious today and typed in “Best Sketchbook for Artists” in Google just to see what I could find.


Leda -- the sketchbook I designed -- shows up on almost every list! 

Here is why 7 art blogs rate Leda high. 

  1. TOP PICK: Leda Ranked 1 out of 10 Best Sketchbooks by GeekWrapped

    In a hurry? Here are the best products at a glance.

    Leda Art Supply -- Top Pick

  1. RECOMMENDED: Leda rated best sketchbook for ink by Art and Design Blogger Don Corgi

If you want to use ink on your sketchbooks, you want some durability and pages that absorb the ink well! You can use gel pens, brushes, ballpoint pens and more on this type of sketchbooks. Here is my recommendation on the best sketchbook for inking -- 
Leda Art Supply Sketch Book.

  1. GREAT AS MOLESKINE: Leda Ranked 3 out of 12 by Concept Art Empire

    These pages are dense and they can easily support graphite, ink, or charcoal. This is a softcover sketchbook so it is flexible and easy to bend. Great for storage, not so great for keeping your pages straight.
    And the Leda sketchbooks use a sewn binding which is much stronger than any glue or adhesive.
    Leda’s quality is just as great as Moleskine.
    It’s truly an au naturale sketchbook for artists, writers, draftsmen, animators… pretty much anyone! 

  1. MAKES THE CUT: Leda Ranked 5 out of 7 by My Modern Met

    Leda created a premium art journal that boasts 160 cream-colored pages. The smooth, thick paper is meant to handle pens, pencils, pastels, and more. Like Moleskin, it comes with an accordion back pocket and an elastic band to keep the pages together.
  1. SUPERB ALL ROUNDER: Leda Ranked 2 out of 8 by Creative BlogQ

    If you're new to sketching, this superb all-rounder will serve you well as you learn and progress, and is inexpensive enough to use for everyday practising, wherever you are. The Leda Art Supply Premium Sketchbook is a little smaller than A4 size, enabling it to fit neatly into most folders and bags. Its cover is waterproof to protect your work on the move.

  1. ARCHITECT PICKS LEDA TWICE: Leda Ranked 7 (Extra large size) and 9 (large size) by The Architect’s Guide

    All ideas have to start somewhere, for most designers that starts with a sketch.  

I put together a collection of the best sketchbooks available for purchase.
Whether you are a traveler, designer, architect or student you are sure to find the right sketchbook for your needs.
    (NOTE, Leda is the only brand he lists twice, the extra large and large size. Both he thinks are perfect for architects.)

  1. LOOKS GOOD INSIDE AND OUT: Leda Ranked 3 out of 10 by Your Art Path

    Leda Art Supply provides a wonderful premium-quality sketchbook for every artistic need. It’s versatile enough for application of pencils, inks, pastels and charcoals. 130 gsm paper is sturdy enough to let you erase and blend whatever you want.

    And it just basically looks good. And not only on the inside! The cover is well-designed, minimalistic, yet very beautiful. It’s flexible, but sturdy, for your convenience, gives extra support in case of the outdoor work and protects your art from wearing off and fading.

    Whew! I am so excited to see all the high praise!

It fills me with the same joy I get when finishing an art piece I’m pleased with. 

I really created something beautiful here. 

Tens of thousands of lives have been improved by this little art journal. 

In dealing with all the difficulties of running a multinational business like this -- with changing staff and cash flow issues -- my Google search curiosity paid off. 
A real mood booster.

It spurs my commitment to making Leda Art Supply live up to its growing reputation even more. 

They haven’t seen anything yet!

Watch Leda grow.  

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