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Frequently Asked Questions about Leda sketchbooks

Q What is the paper like?
A. Our 81 pound paper is dense, more smooth than rough, is cream-colored off white. The paper prevents tearing or bleeding. It is heavier than most sketchbooks, but not very thick like watercolor paper. It is a happy medium between too thin and too thick. Customers say that they love it. 

Q Does the paper bleed? 
A. Most customers say that they don't find any or very much bleeding at all. Our tests show that the book works with a variety of mediums. Pencil will not smear. Ball point pen works best. Pastel and charcoal applies well (you may want to spray with fixative). Most ink pens will not bleed.

If you press hard with an ink pen it may show some bleeding. Thin point or quill point ink pens work fantastic. We have many professional cartoonists use our sketchbooks. The books works well for ink calligraphy -- even on both sides of the paper. . 

Copic markers will bleed a bit. Large, heavy Copic markers will probably show some bleeding. 

Q. Will the paper take watercolor or acrylic paint? 
A. Many of our customers love applying a light watercolor wash to pen or pencil drawings. The paper will warp slightly. We think this is fine and adds a 'lived in" look to your sketchbook. If you want no warping then stick to dry medium. You can experiment with acrylic paint, the paper will not tear with wet media. But, again you will find warped pages. Nothing wrong with messy art. You can be aggressive with the Leda sketchbook. The binding and paper will hold together. 

Q. Does the book lay flat? 
A. Yes, you can draw on both pages when it is open. 

Q. If I don't like the sketchbook can I return it? 
A. Yes, if you find that the book doesn't fit your style of art making just return it to Amazon for a full refund. If the book is damaged or defective when you get it we will replace it on request. Ask yourself: does Moleskine give you that kind of customer support? 

Q. Does the book make a good gift? 
A. Absolutely. We have many customers purchase the Leda sketchbook to give as gifts for creative people in their lives. It is impressive to hold. It is plush and makes a nice statement about quality. Some artists are afraid to buy a premium book, so they will welcome it as a gift from a friend. 

Q. What is the cover material? 
A. The cover is made of PU Leather. PU leather is used in many industries such as footwear, upholstery, and automobile interiors. We use it for the Leda cover to provide water-resistant, all-weather protection for your art. The manufacturing fuses a thermoplastic shell layer on top of foam cloth to create a soft, leather like texture that is a delight to hold. 

We also chose PU leather for the cover to reduce the weight of the book. The soft material makes the book less bulky than hard covered book and much easier to pack around.

Some people prefer PU material for house hold products and clothing over animal leather because PU has a low impact on the environment.  That is why it is sometimes called “vegan leather. The material contains no harmful chemicals like BDP.

Most people really like the Leda cover material, calling it handsome, plush, robust and impressive to touch. One customers said that he even likes the “new car smell” of a newly opened Leda.

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